Dental implants by HumanTech Dental


For the benefit of our patients, we are constantly searching for ways in which we can cure problems with the human muskuloskeletal system and redress the natural balance.

HumanTech is deliberately structured in such a way that not only do our standard products achieve top quality clinical results, create lasting benefits and set standards worldwide, but that individual requirements and innovative concepts can also be implemented very quickly and with top levels of quality.

We are continuously building on our research and development skills through close partnership with notable surgeons and research laboratories and we are proud to have achieved high levels of recognition within the medical technology business for our products and services.

We always act in accordance with ecological principles and thus make a positive contribution to the preservation of our environment.

These are the parameters which we compare ourselves with every day!

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What is an implant?

An implant is an artificial tooth root made mostly of titanium, which is inserted into the bone instead of the tooth. A prepared screw in titanium is inserted over a prepared opening in the bone. This screw will be integrated in the natural bone. After a healing period of 4 to 6 months, the implants can be treated with a denture or crown. The healing time depends on the bone supply, the health of the patient (smoker or non-smoker) and the type of tooth replacement. The temporal corridor can last up to 6 months from 1 day after implantation. These questions and the subsequent procedure, the patient must discuss with the practitioner.

The RatioPlant® implant lines

The one-piece Single implant by HumanTech is a titanium screw implant, self-cutting and with a tapered thread, available in 2 diameters and 4 lengths. The conical abutment structure with anti-twist protection and a square surface for insertion allow very easy handling during insertion, impression and prosthetic care. The material is mainly a tissue-compatible titanium alloy, with a blasted and etched thread section according to the latest standards.

The Classic range implants by HumanTech are classic titanium cylindrical screw implants, self-cutting and with a tapered thread. 2 connecting platforms are available with an internal hexagon and cone in Standard and Large sizes. The thread portion is blasted and etched according to the latest scientific findings, in order to achieve the greatest possible, fast bone adhesion.

The Avantgarde range implants by HumanTech are root-analogue titanium screw implants, self-cutting and with a tapered thread. This system offers 3 connecting platforms are available with an internal hexagon and cone in Mini, Standard and Large sizes. The thread portion is blasted and etched according to the latest scientific findings, in order to achieve the greatest possible, fast bone adhesion.

What is used to build up the bone?

The advantages and disadvantages of various bone materials are best discussed with your implant surgeon. The patient’s own bone taken from the mandible (lower jaw) or iliac crest (pelvis) constitutes a very safe type of transplant. Patients must, however, generally accept a second surgical procedure for the removal of their own bone material. Foreign materials and substitute materials in the Federal Republic of Germany must fulfil clear guidelines for processing. This means the transmission of disease is virtually eliminated. Outside the Federal Republic of Germany, very lax country-specific laws apply to some extent, so a transplant there is not advisable (CIS states or Third World countries).

About HumanTech® Dental GmbH

Our long-standing experience in the field of human implantology and our know-how of the development, manufacture and testing of implants and instrument combinations guarantee the high functionality of all HumanTech products. Combined with people’s growing need for an improved quality of life and the dynamic market changes, with increased pressure on price and margins, more emphasis is also being placed on cost-oriented manufacture and distribution. HumanTech is a corporate group which is completely dedicated to the deployment and manufacture of implants and instruments in the medical field, as well as to develop and permanently seek better solutions.

RatioPlant® dental implants are manufactured in our company according to current guidelines, packed and despatched directly to our clients. The diversity of the RatioPlant® implant product ranges offers a wide variety of clinical solutions, including reconstruction of individual teeth, screw-retained or fixed cemented bridges and partial or full dentures.

Moreover, RatioPlant® implants may be utilised in all surgical and bone augmentation procedures, from the simplest to the most difficult. They are manufactured from biocompatible quality titanium and, with their blasted and etched surfaces, are at the cutting edge of science. All RatioPlant® implants fulfil the highest international standards. We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485/46001 as well as Appendix II of Directive 93/42 EEC.