RatioPlant® Avantgarde


- RatioPlant® Avantgarde-Line dental implants are root analogue screw implants
with blasted and etched surface used in all indications.
- The design features, an inside-hexagon, edge cone and inner threat, are based
on US norm.
- Used material is Ti6Al4V ELI.
- RatioPlant® Avantgarde-Line dental implants feature a non-traumatic,
self cutting threat with 3 cutting groves taking the bone chips and rotation protection.
- For a perfect indication based on maximum stability, RatioPlant® dental implants are
available in 2 different types – Standard and Large.

- Anatomical root analogue design for excellent cosmetic results.
- Micro channels in the implant neck region for an optimal osseointegration.
- Excellent healing and optimal osteon absorption favoured by the special Nanosurface.
- Common used handling referring to the most used hexagon design of the
implant-abutment connection.
- RatioPlant® Avantgarde-Line dental implants feature a high sealing between
implant and abutment – even in extreme force cases.

Available Sizes