Overview RatioPlant® implant systems


RatioPlant® Avantgarde

RatioPlant® Avantgarde-Line dental implants are root analogue screw implants with blasted and etched surface used in all indications.
- The design features, an inside-hexagon, edge cone and inner thread, are based on US norm
- Used material is Ti6Al4V ELI
- RatioPlant® Avantgarde-Line dental implants feature a non-traumatic, self cutting thread with 3 cutting groves taking the bone chips and rotation protection
- For a perfect indication based on maximum stability, RatioPlant® dental implants are available in 2 different types – Standard and Large

- Anatomical root analogue design for excellent cosmetic results
- Micro channels in the implant neck region for an optimal osseointegration
- Excellent healing and optimal osteon absorption favoured by the special Nanosurface
- Common used handling referring to the most used hexagon design of the implant-abutment connection
- RatioPlant® Avantgarde-Line dental implants feature a high sealing between implant and abutment – even in extreme force cases

RatioPlant® ConeCept


RatioPlant® ConeCept implants are the new root-analog dental implants by HumanTech.

Implants of the RatioPlant® ConeCept line are root analog screw implants with blasted and etched surface for all indications and excellent healing with optimal osteone attachment favored by the special nano surface. The biomechanical tests showed a much higher load capacity compared to the previous Avantgarde implants. The implants have a batt, a long cone and a female thread according to the US standard.Due to the conical transition from the upper edge of the implant to the pinnacle connection, the RatioPlant® ConeCept implants achieve a high seal between implant and abutment.

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